Levin-Morris Architects believes that a tight-knit group of experienced professionals can provide the complete range of architectural design and consulting services in a more responsive manner than a large, more impersonal organization. For Levin-Morris, teamwork, and full participation of the firm’s principals throughout the project process are not clichés—they are second nature. No building exists in a vacuum; many competing factors—physical, cultural, economic, legal—must be taken into account in the planning and design of any project. We strongly believe that the full range of competing interests must be accommodated and reconciled—not ignored—for any project to be truly successful. There is always a way to accommodate both the architect’s creativity and the client’s needs.

“ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything you did which contributed to making the Reading Room such a smashing success. I particularly appreciate your design skills of course, your can-do approach to ridiculous requests, your uncanny ability to literally transform yourselves into a part of our team, and last but not least all of the many hours you served above and beyond the call of duty during construction. Finally, your infinite attention to detail and care about future project maintenance have made your work a model for many other projects.”
Sarah Meeker Jensen, Associate Director, UCLA Capital Programs

With our combination of technical research and writing skills, and advanced academic credentials, Levin-Morris is particularly qualified to provide pre-planning and valuation-related services, such as zoning studies, development feasibility studies, highest and best use analyses, and historical research and documentation.

“I have enjoyed working with Levin-Morris Architects on a variety of design feasibility and consulting projects. They are responsive, creative, well-versed in the conundrum of local politics and land use, and have been very cost effective. Their local knowledge, combined with their creativity and flexibility, has allowed us to provide more comprehensive consulting services to our clients.”
Timothy Lowe, MAI; Deloitte & Touche LLP